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Pop up studio - Cloud productions

Have you heard of a pop-up selfie studio? It's all about having crazy fun posing in an indoor studio setting, with a DSLR tripod-ed camera. You pick some interesting props, pose and self click with a remote! Nope, definitely not as challenging as selfie-ing with our phone. It was surprising that the kids had more fun than us. They were very much occupied with choosing the props they had like to picture with. This gave them good enthusiasm to taking pictures. Woah! 

Irene from Cloud productions had extended an invite for us to try out this interesting concept. We were initially skeptical about all the hard work of self pose, self click and even self edit photos, but we decided to give it a try, because I would do anything (without threats or risks), for nice family photos. Which we did capture and bring home some great pictures for keepsake. 

Tell me the pics look great!??

 photo IMG_1724_zps4288b591.jpg
Loving the focus everyone gave
 photo IMG_1728_zps5f534d56.jpg
This is the easiest. Just we two!
 photo IMG_1754_zpsb00889f6.jpg
Can't squeeze Daddy into frame, oops!
 photo IMG_1737-edit1_zps487a17fb.jpg
Family is shelter
 photo IMG_1750-edit_zpsdede6504.jpg
Little drinkers. That boy is a sure a drunkard!
 photo IMG_1736-edit_zps0fd4cacc.jpg
Happy 49th Birthday, Singapore!
Irene had kindly edited some of the photos for us, while for others, I cropped to make the photos look more centralized. Photo editing is available at an additional cost of $10 per photo. Just let them know if you need it. If not, most are good as it is, all you need is a good crop. Irene had been very helpful throughout our session, at a point of time, she even gave us ideas on how to pose. No fret, with the props, it seemed almost natural that anyone knows how to position for great captures.

Here are some selfie studio tips:
1. Bring your own props. Something the kids love.
2. We kept losing focus of the center. It was a good idea to have chairs or objects to mark the center.
3. Bring something to bribe the kids. I brought lollipops!
4. Choose a background according to your outfits, or maybe the other way round (They have green, grey, yellow and white background).

 photo selfie_zpscc157d1e.jpg
Unlimited shots in 30 minutes!
 photo IMG_0669-edit_zps264c356f.jpg
This was pictured from my phone.
This pop-up studio is not here to last, it's only available up till 24th Aug 2014! Don't hesitate too long. For being a reader of Mum's Calling, a discounted deal is extended to you. Just present the following coupon upon appointment. Screen shot, get it pictured in your phone or you may show this blog post!

 photo cloud_zps665532a1.jpg
Show coupon upon booking
Package consists of:
  • Complimentary Props Rental
  • Complimentary DVD with unlimited photos
  • 30mins of professional set up studio rental
  • Professional remote control, selfie just a click away
  • Choice of 4 backdrop colours (green / yellow / grey/ white )
  • Reservation for 4pax (up to max of 7 with the coupon)
For 30 minutes, we took about 60 shots, you could be clicking more than us! Out of these, we had a handful of decent ones for keepsake. Definitely a good price for great value.

Email to book your fun slot soon! Cloud productions also specializes in portraits, products, workshops and events. You may consider their team of professional photographers for any events or business products you have in mind.

Update: I just saw another deal on Groupon. It's $16 per 30 minutes session on weekday (Mon to Thur), valid up to 4 pax. If you can afford a weekday schedule, with 4 pax, groupon has the better deal. Coupon on Mum's Calling blog is available throughout the days of the week, with free add-on pax (Max of 7). Do purchase the best deal according to your schedule! 

Opening hours (3rd to 24th Aug 2014):
Tues to Thurs 12.30pm to 9.30pm
Fri to Sun 10.30am to 9.30pm
Closed on Monday

Bugis Cube (opp Bugis Junction), #03-19

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. We were given an opportunity to review a session of pop-up selfie studio, all opinions and photos are solely our own. No monetary compensation is involved.

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