Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Children Furniture by Liliewoods

Js love to craft. Anything with Arts, they love it. It's been my longest thought ever to organise their craft materials for more accessibility, within their good reach. Not that the materials have been caved up, just that the paint, palette and brushes are more out of reach. Can be quite disastrous to leave them around, you know. Everything else is however, at their convenient call.

I do believe in sparking creativity by leaving pencils, colour pencils, crayons, papers etc. within their reach. Just so when the mood or feel swings in, they can doodle and create anything they like. Moreover, they are way beyond the age of doodling on forbidden objects.

While searching for ideas to sort out their craft materials, we came across Liliewoods. You do need to check them out if you've not seen or heard of them. It's always nice to support local businesses. Yes, home grown. Liliewoods furniture are designed in Singapore and built in an Indonesian factory.

They are designed for children and parents, with much thoughts and love.

We set our eyes on the beautiful Mikelle Self-Help Trolley. A petite trolley that is of perfect height and size for toddlers. Everything they need to organise and reach for can get on there. What's best is that, it comes with movable wheels that can be locked and unlocked. Just so they can smoothly migrate their craft trolley to other parts of the house. Picasso gets inspirations from place to place too.

The trolley comes in 3 colours, Tiffiny Blue, Coral and White. We knew white would suit the already much colourful kids' room. It is a perfect fit in there. Made with very fine wood, it uses responsibly sourced solid hardwood and eco-friendly low VOC finishing. It is very well-built with an excellent sturdiness.

You can arrange anything you want on this utility trolley, even dishing breakfast on it to the kids' room. Children's day is coming!

Since we could fit more, we housed some books on it too. Or if you are looking for a sleek looking bookshelf, do check out their bookshelves that comes with adjustable height and a reversible writing board. They are really beautiful!

It is highly beneficial to keep books within the kids' reaching height. Placing a variety of books within their convenient reach does help get the habit of reading into them.

Owning certain child-sized furniture is quite an essential. By giving the kids a designated space for organising, they will get more spurred up to tidy and clean up after each craft or play session. If your home furniture is of their built, you would have realized the ease of cultivating responsibility and independence. They know where to keep and retrieve their belongings. All on their own.

We realised some of the layout in their room were overly high, even with a stepping stool. The kids would often come bugging for help to reach a particular toy or piece of clothing. I know it gets better as they grow, but only goes to show our initial thought of buying furniture is its mileage. It is however, more important to think of their overall growth and development. Independence begins young, in a secured environment. And that is the way we set up home for good learning habits.

Are you having thoughts about re-arranging the kids room? Well, I am.

Happy shopping!

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