Thursday, 9 April 2009

After a week...

It's about a week after birth , Mummy felt so tired since discharged. In the hospital, she slept the 1st night and had to study for her exam through the 2nd night, she only slept 2 hrs and rushed to school for the paper. Well, I guess mummy didn't want to spend her confinement studying for the deferred exam. She knows I need lots of attention.

Nurse asked Mummy to come back to the hospital after the exam, which was good, because Mummy felt relieved when nurses took care of me while she's away.

She recalled that morning, when she was having her breakfast before leaving for exam, a nurse pushed me to her ward. Mummy smiled when she saw me, because she thought she would be going to school without cuddling me that morning, but she did! It was her morning booster.

At home, it's long days and nights for mummy, I'm still trying to adjust my sleep mode to mummy and daddy's. Mummy talks and plays with me in the day so that I'll sleep more in the night. And poor mummy, always got to get up to nurse me when I cry, I know she feels like giving up on this, but she wants the best for me, she will persist on. Thank you Daddy for always encouraging and supporting Mummy...

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