Thursday 16 April 2009

End confinement soon....

14 more days to end confinement, mummy cant further tolerate the many 'cants' and 'donts' of confinement 'rules and routines'. Of cos mummy doesn't follow strictly, she would sneakily do some things to comfort herself. Ops! Oh, and confinement food can be real boring at times, same lunch and dinner if mummy cant finish the foodie over lunch. Haiz! Cant wait to gobble the happier food like dim sum, sushi and cold desserts... yum yum.

On a happy note, mummy just weighed herself, one more kg to shed to her pre-pregnancy weight! Throughout her whole pregnancy, though it was tough, mummy didn't experience any swollen hands or feet. She put on 10kg throughout. That was thankful. Well, mummy hopes to slim further. haha. With many more sleepless nights and busy moments, this sounds possible...

Ok, gotta do homework i.e express milk, haha.... Mummy will be back to update soon.


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