Monday 13 April 2009

Mummy recovered

Mummy is stealing time to blog while I sleep. She's been down with fever the past 2 days, because of bad engorgement. Poor mummy! Daddy was so worried that he insisted on bringing her to see a doctor at KKH. It was about 1am, so we had to go to the 24hrs emergency clinic.

If baby doesn't latch on well, it gives pain and inflicts phobia whenever its time to nurse. Because I was picky and rejected mummy's other side, it caused engorgement which led to red swell, headache and fever. Erm, its an educational experience that I'm sharing about huh...

The nurse at the hospital was a real angel to her, she spent an hour teaching and helping her remove the blocked ducts. It was a painful process! She left the hospital at 3.30am, felt exhausted to latch me on again. She rest through the night, prepared expressed milk for grandma to feed to when its time. Thank you grandma for taking care of me.

Oh, the angelic nurse gave mummy some cabbage leaves to reduce the swell and pain, by slowing the milk production. It helps! Mummies, do try.

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