Thursday, 14 May 2009

'Best' job

Crankiness begins again. Sigh! I tried to behave but still I love being cuddled and rocked to sleep. I must agree, It's been tough on mummy.

Today, While mummy was rocking me to sleep in her arms today, with the 'faith 2' CD playing, many thoughts were on her mind, there were mixed feelings. Looking into my face, pacing up and down the room, Mummy wonders about how tough it is being a stay at home mum. Not sure about other mummies, but my mummy thinks it really isn't easy.

Sometimes she thinks being at work seems better than having to coax a cranky baby to sleep, doing housework and not knowing when she can rest. At work, one gets paid for the time and effort, but at home, no pay, no promotion, no recognition. Though mummy always tell herself, gratitude is not automatic, if a child is filial and obedient, it's a blessing. That's why my Chinese name has the word 'En - 恩 ', to remind myself to be thankful about every little thing my loved ones have done for me. Mummy is confident in providing me the best of everything within her means. She knows I'm her greatest commitment ahead, it requires much more sacrifices.

Well, stay home mums aren't easy, they:
  • don't have rest days, leaves or public holidays
  • are on 24hrs standby
  • have no income
  • are isolated from trends and 'gossips'
  • look haggard or what some call 'auntie' (But mum promises to keep looking fresh)
  • have irregular meal times
  • can't leave home unless there's a 'cover'
  • hold many portfolios - baby and housework (wide range)
So you think being a housewife is the best job? Probably if yours the mahjong and Louis Vuitton kind of life. My mummy is on a tough job, knowing that the only bread-winner is dad, she starts to scrimp and save for everything even more than before. Good thing, home is where she spends most time in and there's no spending involved, it's not bad after all. Probably, her only reward now come from daddy, with occasional treats here and there. 

But I guess the greatest achievements for mummy serving the home (ministry of home affairs) will be much more greater than that of her being a career woman. Of course she hopes to be an all rounder and not that she doesn't intend to step into the corporate world again, just that for now, her comfort is in the smile on our faces. It's heart wrenching and sometimes her motivation, especially when I smile myself to sleep... yawn yawn... Good night!

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  1. yea the smile (: on Jazzelle is surely therapeutic... cheers happy babe, mummy and daddy ^^ fr the auntie sha


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