Sunday, 10 May 2009

First Mother's Day!

Hey, today is Mother's day! It's mummy first time enjoying this day, but hmm... it's just another ordinary day with me not knowing how to express love yet, I've been cranky the whole day - "Sorry mummy." Daddy said he'll buy mummy the 'Faith 2' CD, which she requested as a pressie. Hee.

Me in daddy's arms

Also, mummy finds comfort in the sms-es her friends wished her. How nice!

In the evening, Mum and Dad were preparing to go out for dinner with me, then grandma called to ask us for dinner. That was wonderful because mummy can celebrate Mother's day with grandma too! We had a good and sumptuous dinner at Suntec. Grandma and Grandpa had a great time carrying me after dinner, I'm so pampered. 
Dinner with grandma and grandpa, Daddy was the photographer.

Mum and dad gave grandma a fat ang bao as present. We appreciate her help and effort in travelling up and down to baby sit me and doing all the marketing for mum during confinement. Thank you Grandma! After my arrival, mum has learnt to be more tolerant and patient towards Grandma, she knows being a mum is no ABC or 123. Mum wants to be a perfect daughter, and I want too!

Well, all mums are great and specially mine because she:
  • went through a tough pregnancy of 9 months
  • couldn't get a job with me in her womb
  • went through labour pain
  • go through sleepless nights for me
  • is still regaining her figure to fit comfortably into her jeans
  • juggles between me, housework and school
  • sacrificed pillow (our pet doggy) for months (mum misses him badly)
  • sacrificed lots of social outings
  • gets to date less with daddy
  • gets arms ache from swaying and carrying me to sleep and
  • has no time for herself!
So now we know why mother's day is always celebrated more widely than Father's day.
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to mummy, to grandma and to great grandma and to all Mummies!

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