Tuesday, 12 May 2009

I'm good!

It's amazing! I've been so well behaved these days, less cranky and I could actually be left to play and sleep on my on. There were occasions when I was crying but still not picked because mum decided to work the hard way out, i.e. not to carry me, instead she distracts me by talking and singing to me. I hope gradually, this kicks the habit of me wanting to be carried. Now mummy can eat and do the housework in peace. Sometimes, I sleep so much in the day that mummy will wake me up by playing with me. She wants me to conserve the sleeping energy in the night instead.

Last Saturday, dad and mum brought me to ikea. They were rather worried because they haven't tried bringing me out before. So we checked if there was a baby room in Tampines ikea before heading down. That's because when it comes to feeding, I'll get impatient and starts crying loud. But, you couldn't believe it, I slept through the whole spree. Dad got me a pink cupboard.

Now, my feeding time is every 3hrs to 4hrs, compared to the 2hrs previously, it's giving mum an easier life. When it was time for feed, mum headed to the baby room but it was occupied. Ikea is like a children's place, there were so many Kor kors and Jie jies around. Many parents were queuing to use the baby room, and mum was worried that I'll wake up while waiting for her turn. Hmm, ikea should allocate more rooms for nursing babies like me. Anyway, it was our turn, but I was still sleeping! Mum woke me up for milk, I opened my sleepy eyes and suckled my way through. It was an easy day out!

Here's the cupboard dad bought for me, nice? I love it!

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