Sunday, 31 May 2009

Mummy's kitchen

It's weekend again! Mummy's back to the kitchen refining her culinary skills. She's determined to whip up more yummy dishes for daddy, so by the time I'm ready for solid food, I'll be in for a great treat! Sure mummy would have perfected her skills by then.

Mummy once learned from someone that a child's growing up must be filled with the tastes of a mother's home cooked food. Well, probably a plus point to make children come back home for a familiar taste even when they've grown up. That will be many years later, but mummy's cultivating the habit now. Thumbs up for her!

Well, I promise to behave when mummy's in the kitchen from now, so she doesn't have to put aside the half done cooking to attend to little Jazz.

So mummy, awaiting your yummy food when my teeth are out!

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