Thursday 7 May 2009

My FULL month party

I celebrated my full month on labour's day. Many people came, I felt so warm being passed around in everyone's arms. Hmm... should have played 'Pass the parcel' game, forfeit anyone who's got me in their arms when the music stop.

That morning mummy woke up early to pack the house neat and doll me up, haha... vain like mummy. Grandma together with the confinement lady made red eggs and cooked some bee hoon for the coming guests. We ordered food from YSL catering and ang gu kueh from the confectionary at Everton park. Mummy thinks that the catered food was average and not warm enough. The dessert, 'yam paste' received many positive feedbacks though, but the drink was not enough to last. Good thing mummy stocked some packet drinks in the refrigerator. Phew!

Mummy forgot to take photos of the 'before', these are the left overs. Ops!

More pictures to share:

Great Grandpa's first grandchild


Blessed gifts
Mummy thank everyone for the gifts and ang baos given, we feel so blessed.

Oh, one thing mummy finds so comical is that when Grandpa arrived, his first action was to pick me up from the rocker and parade me around. Grandpa is so proud of me. Hee hee. And the amazing thing is, no matter how noisy it was, I slept like a log.

It was a fun filled day, Mum and Dad thank all relatives, friends and neighbours for coming! We appreciate your time and gifts! Mummy read this on her calender and she's inspired - Albert Einstein said, "The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving." Mummy loves her chances to give too!

Love you all...

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