Friday, 29 May 2009

Thawed Frozen breastmilk

The expressed breastmilk in the freezer is disturbing. Yesterday, mummy thawed a bottle of frozen milk for me, there was a rancid smell, but mummy gave it to me. Not that the milk is spoiled, just that thawed frozen breastmilk doesn't smell good. No wonder I drank 20ml and stopped, mummy had to top up with fresh milk.

Mummy tasted before she threw the leftover and the milk is yucks - it was horrible! She was so filled with guilt for making me drink. But somehow, she wasn't at fault, it was said that expressed milk can be stored in freezer for up to 3 mths, and that milk was barely less than a month. I guess fresh milk is just best for me. Frozen milk will be for occasions when mummy is not home and daddy have to babysit me.

Now, mummy is contemplating to throw all the expressed frozen milk and stop expressing since she's latching me almost all times. If she can't stand the smell and taste, I'm sure she wouldn't bear to see me drink. Some ever said, breastmilk is like the mummy's 'blood', so precious! And now, painful when she decides to throw them away.


  1. heee dun know if this is true, u can use the milk for facial wash... should be very mosturising... but mind the smell?

  2. are u sure? I dont mind if its true!


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