Wednesday 20 May 2009

Week by week!

First and Second week
Third week and Fourth week
Fifth week and Sixth week

Seventh week ... and This week!

Notice my face got round and rounder? Mummy's been feeding me well. haha. 

"Mummy, be assured that I'll cry and sleep through this baby stage soon, thank you for tolerating my frequent wakes, my nonsense cries and my need to be carried all the time. It has been tough on you."
"You often put down the housework to attend to me, you could not eat on time, you wait till I take a deep sleep before taking a good shower and certain days, when all things are completed, you have to rush off to school. After school, you're back for 'duty' again. You hardly have any time left for your hobbies and interests, not even reading a magazine for fashion updates. At least, while carrying me, you get to watch the TV, not too bad Mummy."
That's my mummy's life for now...

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