Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Bottle Feed - Help

After stopping bottle feed for a week, I start rejecting it again. Daddy put up a battle with me for the past 2 days. On Monday, I won the battle, Mummy threw her expressed milk and yesterday, Daddy won half the battle, I drank half the milk.

Each time the battle begins, I'll start crying when the bottle teat touches my lips, and I'll stubbornly not open my mouth. It's really challenging for Daddy, he'll sweat big time and his arms will ache from all the coaxing. Mummy was all quiet and made sure she wasn't seen by me, she wants me to learn bottle drinking when she's not home. With me knowing her presence, I'll definitely prefer her bosoms, it's my good comfort.

Mummy desperately needs help and tips on getting me to drink from the bottle. It pains her seeing me cry face red during each battle. Believe her, you'll never want to be caught in such situation where you see your child cry so madly, yet not being able to help. If mummy comes to my rescue each time her mind fails all efforts will go to waste. It's impossible to turn a deaf ear to my cries, so while it was war in the living room, mummy calmed herself by praying and playing worship songs in the bedroom. For better days ahead, she decided she will persevere. Especially when Mum starts working, I'll be probably in the care of Grandma or in a childcare centre, so we'll have to work this out for them.

Ok, back to searching online on bottle rejection... do share tips with mummy if you've any.

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