Sunday, 21 June 2009

Father's Day

It's my Daddy's day! I must admit there's no Big plan for execution, but of course a simple dine out is already on my mind. Mummy will absorb the bill, and I'll pay her - "Take from the baby bonus Mum."

Actually, today is filled with activities, we'll be going to Auntie G's house for her housewarming, then head towards my friend, L's house for lunch and then out for dinner. Mummy is praying that I'll behave real good, it's going to be a long day.

Well, since it's Father's day, I'll prepare for my academic days by writing composition on my Daddy...

"My Dad is a simple man. He's never pressured by the ever challenging society, he lives up to his own way of life, that is simplicity. He's not just my good Daddy, he's a good husband, good son, good son-in-law, good worker and a good friend to all. Everyone loves him! To many, Daddy appears to be a peaceful and quiet man, but in the home, he can be real chatty. Even Grandma asked why Daddy and Mummy have so much to talk about over a dinner.

If you know my Daddy, you'll say he's a good man. Family and friends around Mummy would always talk and rave about how good a husband he is. No doubt, he is. He makes sure he heads the family well, especially in the area of finance, since he is the sole breadwinner for now. You might laugh if I tell you he has an excel spreadsheet that keeps track of every expenditure, even for pillow (our doggy). He never fails to update it after each grocery, shopping and petrol pump, even if the amount is minimal. And when mummy always ask if his account is healthy, he would always joke, "I've nothing but money." He knows money secures a family.

Oh, my dad also an avid Xbox and Internet fan, when he's home in the evenings, you'll never fail to see him bond with the laptop before anything else. Mummy dislikes this, they take away the quality time that could be spent with us. Again, you might laugh if I tell you, the things Daddy reads online are no value added stuff like gossipy forums and news. So alike the aunties in the market. I'm fair in giving both the positive and negative stories.

Well, there's just so much to write about my Daddy. Overall, I think he has played his roles well. He never fails to help out the household chores and never fails to make Mummy and I smile. Most importantly, he is ever enthusiastic about this FAMILY - Father And Mother I Love You! Daddy, Grandpa and Great Grandpa, Happy Father's Day! Oh, did I mention Grandpa and his siblings bought an iphone for Great Grandpa. How nice!"

P.S.: Daddy, I know that image of my fall must have hunted you badly. I just wana tell you I'm really fine, you see me smiling, cooing and playing like before... I'm fine. It was a mere accident, don't feel bad. I love you!

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