Monday, 8 June 2009

'Fund' raising

Mummy is exhilarated! She did some clean up in the store and the book shelves, found many items that were no more in use yet took up much space. She thought it was a waste to throw the them away especially if they're still usable. The idea came - instead of trying a flea market, she decided to sell these used or new items on ebay! There's remarkable outcome! She sold a book, some board and card games, new and used electrical appliances which she volunteered to help Grandma get rid off. Grandma is in the midst of packing for their new home, there are so many good stuff to sell.

Some of the stuff, almost new were bought on impulse, and they ended up sitting in the shelves untouched. It was some good sale. Before dumping, do think of its resale value.

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