Saturday, 27 June 2009

I drank from the bottle!

Mummy just got back from the market, spent 30 bucks on vegetables, poultry and fruits. That's expensive to cook for two, but for a few meals. We are minimizing outdoors because of the flu pandemic. Worry worry, I'm just a baby after all. Perhaps, cooking for more people is cheaper, economies of scale. Anyway, Daddy said he's going to whip up lunch today, crossing our fingers.

An update on my bottle feed after a hectic week of battle, I gradually drank from bottle the past 2 days. Daddy had to try different tactics just to make me drink. And yesterday, Daddy bought me a new bottle with a NUK teat, it worked! I drank without much struggle, but still not finishing the milk. Hopefully, this is the perfect solution for all my bottle feeds. This has to be done daily now.

Drinking from the rocker method... "Call me Queen Jazz"

The new bottle and teat method, with a little of the TV...

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