Friday, 12 June 2009

I reject the pacifier

Aren't babies suppose to love the pacifier? Mummy's taken aback with my rejection, for 4 days, she's been trying to introduce this new 'toy' to me but I kept spitting it out. Goodness me, I can't be left to sleep alone and I don't know how to use the pacifier, it's sure tough on pa and ma.

For the first 2 months, mummy didn't introduce the pacifier because she's afraid I'll be confused and reject her breasts. Also, she thought it wasn't necessary to use a pacifier yet, she could still handle my nonsense. However, recently I've been sucking my fist and fingers, so frequent that it seemed like my past time. Mummy worries that I'll start thumb sucking, which doctor told her it will be harder to wean off than a pacifier. It was then that mummy gave it a deep thought and sought advice from Auntie Vi.

Poor mummy struggling to make me love it, but still I could only use the pacifier with her help when she slightly push it towards my mouth. Once her hand leaves the pacifier, I won't hold, it falls off. She wonders why. She even tried 2 different brand of pacifiers! Someone help...

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