Monday 15 June 2009

The Line!

We celebrated uncle bear's birthday at Shangri la, The Line. It was a heavenly! There were 5 of us, Daddy, Mummy, Uncle bear, Auntie sha and me. We were warmly welcomed by the server who then ushered us to our seats, while walking to the designated table, Mummy was amazed at the ambience. The place was beautifully embellished, its tables and seats, together with well combined colours created a soothing and comforting dining experience. It makes you want to stay long even if you had have your fill.

Mummy was impressed by the food spread and its presentation, 'perfect' seemed like the word for it. Each and every of their dishes is worth a try, the seafood was fresh and even the oysters were pried open, before your eyes! How fresh. After the main, Mummy attacked the desserts, its variety is equally huge, and mind you, its only desserts. Their durian cake and tiramisu is a 'must try.' In fact, everything is worth a try.

At the end, Uncle bear thought he would have to bear the bill, which is our usual birthday culture, but actually we were all ready to treat him. Initially, he agreed to dine there because he heard Mummy told him there is a 50% discount for using UOB card, but mummy mentioned 15%. He misheard her. I guess he must have felt painful throughout the meal. And throughout their meal, I was so well-behaved till milk time, the server even told mummy, "your baby is so well behaved".

Well, it's not cheap to indulge there, but it's really worth the dollars and cents. No regrets! Mummy will look forward to her next visit. Oh, did I mention her slogan for every buffet is "A little of everything" - This helps maximize the variety of food you can taste.

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