Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Mama's hands

Someone bought mummy's book on ebay. And she must guiltily admit that the book was hardly read. Only when you know it's going away, will you start appreciating it. The same goes to this book. Mummy picked up the book and ran through the chapters. This one poem really touched her heart and made tears welled up in her eyes. She can't wait to share:

I saw you hide your hands in line,
behind the fair lady,
I noticed too, hers soft and white -
immaculate from care.
But ma, I say, it's no disgrace
to have working hands like you,
and had she lived the life you have,
she'd have hands just like it too.

But her hands have never touched a young
or caressed a fevered head,
with hands so gently folded,
all night beside his bed

They've never scrubbed the kitchen floor,
or done dishes every day.
They've never guided with those hands
a child who's lost the way.

They've never made a Chirstmas gift,
shaped by a loving hand.
They've never peeled apples,
nor vegetables they've canned
They've never worn a blister,
or had calluses to show,
for all they've done for others,
and the kindnesses I know.

So you see, my dearest Mama -
yours are hands of love.
And I bet the Lord will notice
when he greets you from above.

Tommi Jo Casteel

My mummy's hands got really busy since I arrived. For the past weeks, her right hand had been aching numb, so painful that she would wake up in the middle of her sleep. Not sure why and what happened, but I'm sure this poem melted her heart, she must have been a working mum who exhausted her hands.

Thank you mama for your hands of love!

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