Wednesday 10 June 2009

Mid week thoughts

It's mid week! I gave dad and mum a very 'warm greeting' this morning, I woke them at 5.30am. Mummy thought I wanted milk though it wasn't time yet, but still she fed me. I had my fill and burped, when mummy put me back to bed, I cried. On any other days, I would go back to sleep almost immediately after each feed. I really misbehaved, went back to sleep only after an hour of nonsense. Daddy couldn't go back to sleep after that, he began his day early, made cereal for mum and himself, read the papers, watched the news and off to work. Exhausted mummy went back to dreamland with me. Our day began again at 9am.

The usual routine for mummy was to bathe me, and today she managed to do my laundry, washed the toilets and iron the clothes. That's a typical housewife, even mummy's cousin in-law joked that she had unknowingly signed on this job. Well, not true... Mummy will step out to work once I can be independent on her during feeds. A step at a time.

Today is mummy's last lecture for the current module, after which she needs to prepare for a presentation, report and an exam. The project works are really stressing mummy, she hopes her group mates will be more enthusiastic about the discussion. It's quite draining when she always end up doing the bulk of the work if there isn't an initiator among. Being a stay home mum is not an idling occupation, many people who are childless often make this remark, so mummy reserve her comments till they become a mother one day. Whether or not she is employed, she shows the same amount of attitude and interest in her school work. This is because, a degree is so common these days, what probably differentiates them is the holder's attitude and results. Which is why she hopes to work doubly hard to earn distinctive results. And most importantly, this course don't come cheap, so why not get the best knowledge out of it.

Hmm... I want to hold the same attitude like mummy, inherit the brain of my daddy and there, I will become a genius!


  1. I agree with you on your second last para... but a lot of ppl don't. I'm tired of slacker's attitude.

  2. Hmm, ya. That's life, facing all kinds of people. Maybe that helps mould our character too. hee.


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