Wednesday 3 June 2009

Mummy's worry

My mummy is worried about her weight! Though 2kg more to lose to her pre-pregnancy weight, she's afraid of putting on even more. God forbid that to happen! You can't imagine how much mummy's appetite have increased after popping me. From 1/4 bowl of rice each meal to 1/2 a bowl and now gradually a full bowl. Oh no! Mummy's probably seeking revenge on the food she couldn't eat during pregnancy. Ha ha.

Not sure why, but her appetite is really great. She's even eating more than daddy at times. Is this why most mummies find it hard to go slim after birth? Sad sad. That day, daddy even reminded mummy about her food intake when she was slurping her starbucks frappachino. First time daddy ever talked about it, and it was like a wake up call for mummy. If the husband begins to talk about it, it can be frightening. Then mummy teased daddy, asking if he's afraid that she'll ask for slimming allowance. Hmm, maybe that's what daddy is anxious about or maybe concerned about walking beside a not so slim wife.

It is said that breastfeeding allows mummies to take in an extra of 500 calories daily, this fact brings some comfort, but still mummy will be more cautious about the food she's taking. But just yesterday, mummy went all out just to buy bubble tea and durians to satisfy her cravings. Goodness, these are sinful indulges. And when it comes to weekend dinners, daddy would usually bring us out, the temptation of food out there is simply irresistible. See...

Jap food! Sashimi was mummy's pregnancy forbidden food, but not now...

Mummy is determined to begin her exercise routine soon, and I'll need to give her some time off.


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