Thursday 18 June 2009

My Fall

Mummy was away for school again, I was left in daddy's care that night. While she was in a project discussion, she got a sms from daddy that shocked and pained her. Daddy text-ed that I had a fall from the sofa, mummy was so worried that she almost cried and wanted to rush home immediately. Her discussion has not ended so she calmed herself since Daddy mentioned that I've stopped crying and seemed alright.

After discussion, mummy rushed off and drove like never before, over taking cars after cars just to be home at the soonest possible. Grandma was also home as she brought something over for Mummy, Grandma was so worried that she kept reminding not to leave me on the sofa unattended. My movements have got stronger throughout the months. When mummy reached home, she was glad to see my responsive expressions, she hugged and kissed me.

Upon seeing Daddy's shocked and guilt stricken face, Mummy told him not to worry and that I looked fine. Daddy felt so bad that he took leave the next day just to monitor me. When 'misfortune' happens, the best action is to encourage and comfort each other, blaming brings no correction, it only furthers the guilt. Of course, women are naggy, she just reminded daddy never to leave me unattended when I'm off floor level, anything can happen in a split second. In fact, when a baby falls, it really is the carelessness of the caregiver, sounds harsh but true. But when a toddler falls, it's the process of learning to explore.

Mummy heard of many stories on how babies fell from the bed or couch, so since birth, she's committed not to let that happen to me. All this while, she's been real careful with me. Now daddy is getting my play mat ready, so that I'll be playing on the floor most of the time. This reduces my chances of falls, doesn't it?!

Well, glad that I'm ok... smiling, kicking, playing, cooing and crying as usual.


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