Monday, 22 June 2009

One is Not enough

Yesterday was like a parents gathering at uncle Les house. We had so much fun eating and laughing at all the babies. Leo is the oldest among all, he is already running, while Luc and myself have yet to even start crawling. It's the first time I met Luc since our births, he popped 2 days ahead of me.

While lunching, the mummies were discussing about how many children they would want. Auntie mich and auntie ker said they would stop at one because of various reasons like labour pain or diverted attention from baby number 1. Mummy responded, "One is not enough." Its no doubt, pregnancy and labour are horrible processes to go through, but when you see the 'product', you'll say it's worth while. Once birthed, the before was absolutely nothing. Mummy said if she and daddy could afford, 4 would be good, but considering the best providence for all, 2 to 3 sounds comfortable. Yipee, I'll have siblings!

I think the government does need more mummies who thinks like this to salvage the aging population. But well, talking is easy, and walking the talk could be tough. At least, with the thoughts perceived, it will become mummy's action plan one day. One thing for sure, she is a 100% baby lover, simply can't get her hands of them. Of course babies will outgrow their adorable stage and other challenges will follow as they grow. So what? Just do the best in parenting and leave the rest to God.

To know the outcome of mummy's thoughts, check in 5 years later...

The daddies with their babies (From left: Baby Luc, Leo and me!)
And the mummies with babies

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