Thursday, 9 July 2009


Since younger days, mummy have a strong love for babies, toddlers and children. Each time she comes across a baby, it's hard to keep her hands from touching them. Now that she has got me, she can cuddle, hug and kiss me any time she wants. Every news that reports an abandon baby, Mummy wonders why didn't she get to come across one, so she could help care till an adopter comes. Anyway, this year seems to be a year of babies popping, almost every month, she hears of daddy and her friends popping babies or got pregnant. Nice!

Babies are adorable no matter what shapes, sizes or colour. Everyone is unique to their mummy and daddy. Many relates baby to cries, it's their identity, but that's how they communicate their needs. Yesterday, I had a good loud laugh when daddy was playing with me by simply doing some clown actions, that moment melted mummy's heart. Daddy commented that when babies laugh, they are truly happy. It's true. As one grows, life gets complicated. We may be laughing for the sake of laughing or laugh to make others happy. A baby is different, her laughter and language are genuine expressions of her mood. How sincere... or maybe that's what we call a Pure Life.

Chubby, chubby chubby, I'm so chubby! So Mummy, remember if I've naughty moments, they are innocently naughty, don't get angry. Hmm... but I'll outgrow baby-hood, got to face the music some day.

Ok, here are some universal characteristics of a baby:
  • Cries loudly for you to guess her needs
  • Burps loudly without saying 'excuse me'
  • Farts loudly even with many people around
  • Poos loudly to tell you it's time for diapers change

See, babies are cute... so am I. 


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