Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Diapers Challenge

We had a chance to try out different brands of diapers, Mr Pampers, Mr Mamy Poko and Mr Drypers. Of all, Mummy loves Pampers the best... why? Because it's the most expensive of all, you have to deny even if it's not good. Haha. What a conclusion. Hmm, but seriously, both Pampers and Mamy Poko are our favourites, not only are they designed creatively with cartoons, they hold my pee well. For Mr Drypers, Mummy didn't quite like it, because of the very adhesive tapes at the sides, it always sticks to my butt when changing.

At my little age, I'm starting to sleep longer hours in the night and Mummy doesn't want to change my diapers after the night feed. Therefore, a diapers that hold a few rounds of pees is important. Of course, not forgetting the thick application of nappy rash cream before bed.

See... the cartoons are beautiful right? Anyway, who cares, they're worn inside...

From Left: Pampers, Mamy Poko and Drypers

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