Saturday 4 July 2009

Early Learning

Exam is over for mummy, she's so so so relieved. It's real tense when projects and exam are cramping together. Now when I'm asleep, she doesn't need to mug on her notes anymore. Which means, she has more time for other stuff like her dramas! Oh, need to iron the clothes too, she's been postponing this chore for weeks.

I'm starting to feel how time flies, the growth and changes in me every month amuse Dad and Mum everyday. The 1st of each month is an added month to my age, I'm 3months old now, I was born on April's fool day. No joke. This stage, I'm starting to sleep less in the day, smile and laugh more, learning to roll and putting almost anything into my mouth.

The 1st of each month also means my vaccination day, cry cry! Dr Keoy always smile and talk to me, when suddenly there's a sharp pain on my bum, pain pain. Shall not smile at him anymore.

After vaccination that day, we went United Square for lunch and mummy loves the nursing room there, so spacious and comfy. Thumbs up! And you can't believe what Dad and Mum bought for me... storybooks and educational books. Isn't that too early? A baby's suppose to eat, sleep and cry. Ok ok Mummy, never too early to start, you're just adding colours to my life.

My books for now...

Starting with numbers...

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