Saturday 18 July 2009

Hair is falling...

It's Saturday, but it's not exciting at all. I'm home alone with mummy, we're bored bored bored! Daddy is out to attend a wedding dinner, Grandma and Grandpa are out of town also to attend a relative's wedding too. Sigh! Guess we'll just have to spend our evening with Harry Potter on Channel 5.

These days, mummy has been noticing her many strands of hair on our white homogeneous floor, her fear of post pregnancy hair fall is happening! When she washes her hair, she'll see a pile of 'seaweed' at the drainer. scary. Thank God, it's not a permanent fall.

The funny thing is, I'm losing my baby hair too. The mum and daughter pair are losing their hair. Mummy would find much fine hair on my pillow. Do babies change hair? Hmm...

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