Tuesday 7 July 2009

Home cooked meals

We spent most time over the previous 2 weekends vegetating at home. Daddy on his Xbox, Mummy on catching her deprived sleep and me playing my toys and sleeping. Under one roof with different activities. The get together will be during meal times, and here's what dad and mum whipped up over a few meals, to name a few, sweet and sour pork, macaroni chicken soup, minced meat tofu and not forgetting vegetables. Cooking can be fun and exploring, especially satisfying if the outcome tastes perfect. But one thing for sure, its real tiring. 
Mummy has been procrastinating about having a blog just for recipes, so that she can refer to whenever her cooking mood swings in. Hmm, soon soon... recipes collating in process. And by the time I'm ready to wean, I'll be in for a great variety of dishes. Here are some meals prepared by mum and dad:
Spinach with mushroom and gou zi, minced meat tofu and corn soup

Broccoli, Mushrooms and Carrots, oyster chicken and Sze Chuan soup
Macaroni Mushroom Chicken Soup (Mum's admits, the broth was not boiled thorough enough)
By Dad: Fried egg with white ikan billis, yong tau foo soup and sweet and sour pork (mum's favourite!)
Daddy made this abalone porridge for mummy, her appetite has been down because of the silent, pain and irritating monster - sore throat. For being unwell, Dad made this for her, the only home made authentic stuff with generous portions of thick abalone slices. Yum Yum... but actually daddy, the taste needs to be enhanced a little more. Oops!
By Dad: Abalone porridge
So men are made good for the kitchen too! Ok, that's all foodie for now, enough to salivate I guess. Oh, some of mummy's friends are coming over this weekend for dinner, maybe it's a good time to practice her culinary skills for all the guinea pigs. Evil grin... hee hee hee

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