Monday, 27 July 2009

Irregular sleeps

This morning, I woke up at 6:30am because I poo-ed! Mummy attempted to turn a deaf ear to my cry, but of course, it didn't work. Daddy heard me too, and in mummy's sleep mode, she hoped daddy will attend to me. Naughty mummy, daddy needs to work! Hmm, but indeed, the toughest part of life is to get disturbed sleeps. And for me, it's a problem getting me back to sleep on my own, so it's as good as starting Mummy's day.

In any case, Daddy changed my diapers and mummy took over to rock me for 10mins, before giving me up to Daddy. She had always tried to handle me all by herself, so that daddy can rest after a day's work and have a good sleep before going to work. Which is why she does almost everything on her own. And frankly, Mummy would be lying if she told you, there was never once she broke down mad and cried. It happened many times, especially having to attend to my fussiness in the middle of the nights. It's both physically and mentally draining!

That is when daddy steps in to rescue us. Which is why he would always jokingly tell mummy, "I'll come in when you go mad." Well, things do go crazy, and it's always good to take a rest and put aside the stress, but how does that applies to a Mummy who's on duty round the clock? And you know my muumy is secretly desiring for a good massage, a nice spa and a carefree breakaway. A baby truly requires the ultimate sacrifices of the parents time!

As much as mummy will try to control her emotions, I will also try as much to cooperate. Mummy's becoming fearful of my irregular sleep patterns recently. It must be the frequent poos... Shall ask doctor this weekend. Sigh! 

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