Friday 24 July 2009

Mummy baked!

The mornings have been cool and cozy, it's so perfect to snug in bed, but little Jazz wakes up so early as usual. Yawn yawn!

Some day this week, Mummy managed to bake a cake while I was sleeping. It took her about 2hrs to prepare, bake and clear the kitchen mess. To her surprise, I slept for 3.5hrs that afternoon! See... I'm cooperative! I must have been awoken by the aroma of the cake when it was ready. So what Mummy did? A light cheese cake - She thinks it's yummy, but too bad, my teeth are not ready to try it.

Here's her outcome for the light cheesecake, it doesn't look presentable after much effort of transferring the cake to a container, but that's just the 'cover'... the taste is great!

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