Wednesday 22 July 2009

Mummy's Little Reward

For every hard work, comes a reward. Mummy got a surprising reward from daddy yesterday. It wasn't her birthday, wasn't Christmas or their wedding anniversary, it was simply a surprise reward. Each time, Mum and Dad give presents, they would hide it under each other's pillow.

When mummy was ready for bed yesterday, she didn't realise the present underneath until daddy said, "there's something under your pillow." Puzzled Mummy try to recall what occasion it was yesterday. Memory didn't fail, it wasn't any special occasion. Hmm, but it is sometimes fishy when man starts having weird behaviour like this. "Did he do something wrong?" 

No No... Mummy assuredly believes it's an appreciated love gesture of Daddy. He wants to reward Mummy for handling me and the home. After that night of babysitting, when Mummy was out with her friends, he realised it was tough. It made him knocked out on bed that evening without showering.

Oh, here's what mummy got - SKII Miracle water! 

Hmm, but why that? Is her complexion deteriorating each day? Whatever, just use! Excited Mummy started using it last night, seems good! She asked Daddy why miracle water, Daddy said because his colleague has got 'lobang' to get it at a good deal. Mummy went... "Chey". Wahahaha. But still, she loves it... everytime she watches the commercial on this, the celebrity would go saying that she has been using it for decades, from single to married and to being a Mummy. My Mummy thought that's identical to her life now, but never thought of using, because it doesn't come cheap. So the commercial should target the husbands too!

Daddy... Mummy says "Thank you!"... and "More please..." 



  1. You are welcome my dear.
    Thanks for taking care Jazzelle, it been hard on you. I try to share the burden too hor.


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