Friday, 10 July 2009

Mummy's night out

Mummy was out to dine with her friends yesterday evening, I was left in Daddy's care again. When Mummy was back at 11 plus, I was wide eye opened on my bed, not asleep. Goodness! It was way past my daily bedtime. Mummy hopes that I can sleep by 10pm everyday, to cultivate a consistent routine. Well well well, getting daddy to take over mummy's role is just like asking mummy to go work on Daddy's behalf. As tough! All Daddy could reach for when he couldn't figure out my cries was the pacifier. Which till now, I still do not know how to use it without anyone holding for me. Sigh! That's why mummy gave up on using it. 
Then, Mummy picked and rocked me to sleep, 15 mins got the task completed. When Mummy turned to Daddy, he was already snoring away on the bed, without even taking his bath! Was that few hours without Mummy around so draining? Hmm... Daddy, you better appreciate mummy since you know it isn't an easy job to handle me even for that few hours. Or maybe Mummy has gradually become a master of her job.
In any case, Mummy really enjoyed her night out yesterday. It's been a long time since she met Auntie Kong and Jo, Uncle Amos and Ben. Being home ridden can be real sore at times, an occasional breather is good. Which means putting Daddy into more practice! And practice creates perfection. 

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