Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Mum's and My typical day

My Mummy's everyday...  

8:00am: Jazz wakes up and play on bed (Mummy's last few minutes to catch her sleep)  
9:00am: Bathe time   
9:15am: Sit on my rocker and watch Baby Bright DVD (While mummy clears my bathing mess) 10:00am: Milk then Morning nap. Mummy does my laundry, some ironing or goes online.  
12:00pm: Wake up and sit on mummy's lap.  
12:15pm: Rocker and TV. Mummy watches TV too. 
12:45pm: Play my toys - Fish fish or butterfly. Mummy takes her lunch.  
1.15pm: Get a little bored, starts making noise for attention. Mummy sings and play with me.  
1:30pm: Back to playing fish fish or play on my rocker.   
2:00pm: Milk and afternoon nap. Mummy continues to iron, shower or catch some sleep if possible.  
4:30pm: Wake up and sit on mummy's lap. 
4:45pm: Play fish fish or butterfly.  
5:15pm: Get bored. Mummy shows me flash cards and read me stories.  
5:45pm: Tummy time. A little exercise by lying on my tummy (I dislike this). 
6:00pm: Milk and laze around on whatever works to keep me silent.  
7:00pm: Short evening nap. Daddy's home! Mummy hurries dinner with Daddy.  
7:30pm: Wake up and TV time. While Mummy clears the dinner mess, Daddy plays with me.
8:00pm: Fish fish or butterfly time. Or Mummy reads me a story.  
9:00pm: Warm towel bath and milk.  
9:15pm: Lights off and Mummy rocks me to sleep.  
10:00pm: Usually in deep sleep. Freedom for mummy!!! 
That's how I occupy my mummy's day! Making her breathless almost every moment. In fact, routine goes on 24hrs, not forgetting the night feed. I take no note of weekends and public holidays, so my routine is the same everyday. Which means, the same early call for mummy to wake up daily. Hmm, but these weeks, mummy seems to get an off day on Saturday. She could sleep a little longer, because daddy takes the morning routine. He bathes me while Mummy continues to snuggle in bed. 
So that's the typical routine of a 3 to 6 months baby. We take 3 naps in the day - morning, noon and evening. Clocking a total average, 15 hrs of sleep (day and night). Staying awake a maximum of 2 or 2.5hrs before the next nap, gets bored after 30 to 45mins of each activity. In short, I bathe, eat, sleep, play and grow! Mummy always ask, "When can I sleep the many hours like before?" and I cried replying, "I've no answer Mummy!" 

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