Monday, 6 July 2009

My sleep habits

It's the start of the week again, but actually everyday seems to be the same for mummy. There's no break from caring for me, except that Daddy is around over the weekends to help out.

For the past week, I have been giving mum tough nights. I would wake up twice in the middle of the night, when usually I could just wake up once for a feed. Mummy wonders what caused the change to this sleeping habit of mine. Some read up online, shed light that babies sleeping with parents on the same bed tend to wake up more often, how true can that be? In any case, Mummy decided to put me back on my own bed from now on. It's separation anxiety for Dad and Mum, they're always so excited to watch me sleep and wake up beside them, especially daddy, he would always ask mummy, "Is she sleeping with us tonight?" Smile smile.

Mummy on my left and Daddy on my right... Nice!

Coming to an age of 3 months, there are much things that I should start learning. Firstly, I'll need to learn soothing myself to bed and sleep longer hours over the night. My current bedtime routine includes a warm towel bath, after which I'll be left to play for half an hour and then arms rocking time. I still can't do away with mummy rocking me in her arms before bed, its just too habitual. Mummy is now trying to introduce a bedtime story so that I can associate story to sleep.

Well, Mummy always tell Daddy, the toughest part of her life now is getting me to bed. That's because, it requires much time to rock me to sleep and if I'm not yet in total dream land, I'll cry when Mummy puts me down. It takes many attempts. Oh, pediatrician told Mummy, I'll start to dream from this month onwards. How interesting. Mummy wonders what babies dream of.

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  1. Lovely pictures. I am not a mom yet. But I am so happy when I am reading this post. How sweet when a mom wake up early then look at the baby sleep. It will be very nice.


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