Thursday 30 July 2009

My wardrobe

No no... These are not for sale. They are the favourites in my wardrobe! I'm pampered by the many choices of clothes to wear everyday. No wonder many say baby girls burn a big hole in daddy and mummy's pocket... so true. Some of my clothes were given by daddy and mummy's friends, some are new and some were worn by their daughter before, we didn't mind. Daddy is also a big fan of fox baby clothes, we would always get something out when we were in the shop. Their baby clothes are pretty and prices are reasonable, an even greater bargain during sale!

Mummy tidies my clothes every month. Each month, there'll be clothes that I've outgrown, and clothes that I can start wearing because I have grown to fit that size. What a growing process...

Babies have fashion trends too...

If I have a little sister next time, she can wear them too!


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