Friday 31 July 2009


Most evenings, mummy would bring me down to stroll at the common playground, with me in her arms of course. At the same time, we would be waiting for daddy to come home. Before I arrived, mummy made many friends around the neighbourhood because Pillow drew her to many dog owners who were also walking their dogs. Gradually, she made friends with the many dog owners. The number of households with doggies at our neghbourhood is surprisingly many.

Now that I've arrived, I drew her to make friends with the many mummies she meets at the void deck. Wow... it's fun! Every evening, many maids and mummies will bring their babies, toddlers and children down to socialize. A mummy would even bring her baby down daily in a pram. Then, a mummy chatted with my mummy, they talked about the nearby childcares and our sleeping habits. Making friends and exchanging ideas/tips are fun. We conclude that the number of babies and children in this neighbourhood is surprisingly many too, even though this was a rather new estate.

So mummies, a little getaway to relax and break a child's crankiness is perhaps a walk around the playground with other children around. For me, it kinda divert my attention and calm me. Mummy does feel kind of 'auntie', but hey, mummies at the void deck are hippy these days.

We love walking around the windy void deck, it refreshes us!

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