Friday 17 July 2009

No need maid

Grandma would call mummy almost everyday to check on our updates, during their conversation, she suggested mummy to get a domestic helper. Mummy thinks she's still coping the house chores and me well, so she didn't entertain that idea. Of course life does get better with that extra help, but not forgetting the extra money spent and the extra space the domestic helper occupies. The house is rather cluttered already. Mummy's touched by Grandma's suggestion though, Grandma didn't want mummy to get to stress up over me and the household chores. Although, the initial was tough, but everything is mundane and a routine now. Mummy hasn't got a job anyway.

Maybe daddy should give mummy some 'maid' fees for being the caretaker at home. She's such an excellent 'maid', converses well in our local language, solid services and works to the extra mile. That's because she's my mummy and daddy's wife! No one else takes these roles better. Anyway, not for now... maybe when things starts to get tougher or when daddy's income gets fatter. Or maybe when didi and meimei comes along!

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