Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Salary of a SAHM

SAHM = Stay At Home Mum 
A mother who stays home can be cost saving for the family, although it's a lost of one sided income, the roles a mother performs is beyond monetary valuation. In Korea, most mothers do not work because the cost of getting maids to care for their children is as expensive as one's income. So in Singapore, how much should a mother's income be? 

Maid from Philippines: $400
Childcare with rebate: $500
Maid/Mummy's Insurance: $150
Groceries: $200
and on...
and on... 
Total: Endless

Daddy, where's mummy's pay? You saved on a maid, on childcare and her insurance. Great that you are paying for the groceries. Hmm, so it isn't cheap to get external help, that is why mummy is doing the chores for free! With the extra Tender Loving Care that no one can replace. And of course, if both parents are working, paying for help is not a matter of money, but a matter of quality time with the child. Mummy feels fortunate to watch me grow every moment. Treasuring it before she goes to work.

A SAHM comes with many pros and cons. For my Mummy, she hasn't got herself soaked well enough in the corporate world, there's so much more to explore and earn. The greatest sacrifice for her is actually the income lost, that's because it really isn't easy to stretch her hands out and ask daddy for money to buy stuff or cultivate hobbies. Although, I'm sure Daddy would willingly get them for Mummy, but its just not easy. Or rather, she doesn't want to burden Daddy. In short, it feels better if she's spending the money she earns. For now, daddy please bear with her cooking and baking interests.
Ok, summary here:
Pros of a SAHM
  • Quality time with baby
  • Save money on external help
  • No boss eyeing on you
  • Plan your own schedule or baby plans your schedule
  • Spends less (No need for clothes, makeup or entertainment)
Cons of a SAHM
  • No income
  • No increment and bonuses
  • Stress when baby is cranky
  • No employee benefits
  • Home alone = boredom

And the worst for mummy is the non-aircon environment at home, it's so warm. Utility bill shoots up if we on the air-con, so as much as we can, we'll tolerate with the perspiration.


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