Friday 21 August 2009

ebay purchases

Times are bad, it's only right to scrimp and save. Mummy's someone who doesn't mind getting used items for both herself and me. Only if these items are alright to be used as second hand, like dramas, books, CDs etc. For clothes and toys? Hmm... only if they are new.

Mummy have been wanting to add on to my books collection, but the prices of babies and toddlers' books are exuberantly high in the stores. Especially the hard covered types. A search on ebay threw out many choices for her.

She did some bargaining and settled for these:

All at a bargain of $15, including postage

If you think about it, it's rather expensive to buy because they are unwanted books by the seller. The comfort is that, to get them new, it'll go way above $15. Moreover, I'll outgrow these books too... but, mei mei or di di may be using them next time. Well, that's ok, books are not perishable, we can keep. We'll all outgrow these books some day and they'll be given or thrown away too. 

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