Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Follow up on neighbour

If you recalled, some time ago, Mummy was upset with the neighbour above us, and she is still upset. The family above is not making any improvements despite Mummy's friendly letter to them. She dropped a letter of concern into their letter box, but they don't seem to make the environment better. It's either they don't understand English or they don't bother, how ignorant.

When their kids get caned, we can hear their Daddy scolding and them crying so loud that we do sympathize with them at times. But still, we can't tolerate their sudden and frequent stomping and door slams. Now, mummy is considering a 2nd letter and if all else fails, we'll pay them a visit with anti slam cushions which can be purchased from Daiso.

Anti slam cushion

Wake up letter to neighbour

Motherhood does make a person more tolerant, but when limit is stretched, a demure Mummy becomes an angry Mummy! All for her baby.

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