Friday 14 August 2009


Internet was down for the past few days, but it's up now! So I'm back updating.

Another weekend approached. Nice! Last week, dad and mum went Illuma for dinner, they were fascinated by this upbeat Japanese restaurant. You'll know why when you've visited it. It has so many restaurants under one roof, they named it restaurant 1, 2 and 3. Not knowing what they were, mummy randomly picked one to try. When it comes to ordering, it was even more interesting, it uses a pen that speaks (yes... it speaks) and to point on the menu when ordering. After which, your food appears within minutes. There wasn't much communication with the servers, but still service charge applies. Worth a try, the food is good!

After Dad and Mum had their fill, it was my turn. We headed to the nursing room, which they named it 'Baby room.' It was rather disappointing to see how inconsiderate the nursing room was done up. It has a transparent glass panel on part of the door. Mummy likes the privacy when it comes to nursing.

And finally, this long long escalator which daddy wanted to try, but mummy prefers the lift. I'm on a pram you know. It's quite scary to be on a moving escalator for long.

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