Wednesday 19 August 2009


Not sure what's with me the past few days, I'm disrupting Mummy's sleep again. I'm waking up for comfort at unusually 3-4 times a night. Sigh! It's really taxing on Mummy. Against her mind and flesh, she has to cradle rock or feed me back to sleep.

Feeling kinda curious, mummy did an online search on this behaviour, some sites suggested that it could be teething or overstimulated by day activities. Have mum and dad been playing too much with me? Talking about it, daddy introduced elmo and barney puppets to me yesterday, maybe they caused me to be overly excited. Nah, ruling out that possibility. Babies and children meet new toys all the time.

Another possible reason could be that I've learnt how to roll over. Over the past 2 weeks, I've learnt to roll from my back to tummy. 2 to 3 Months ahead, I'll be learning to sit upright and crawl. Could I have been over excited about achieving new milstones? Hmm... doesn't sound too logical to us.

Anyway, hoping I'll get through this 'insomia' stage once mummy starts introducing cereal to me. I may be waking up lesser with a filled tummy.

Barney and Elmo puppets!

Over excited expression...

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  1. Awwww~ She's such a lovely pie! My little pretty Er Shao! Feel free to visit my diary!=D


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