Friday, 7 August 2009

It's friday - 070809

Auntie LS's twins greeted the world today... Congrats! Mummy's so excited for her, she's ever teary when she hears her friends gave birth. Life's really a miracle! Like me, I grew from a little peanut in her womb, to a mango, to a papaya and finally to a honeydew before seeing light. What a fruity cycle... 

It's Friday! Though the days make no difference to mummy, but approaching weekend is equally exciting because daddy will be home. A home bounded mummy appreciates companion too. So what's in today? Groceries shopping, some ebay transactions (mummy sold some plush toys and a coffeemaker) and finally the most exciting moment... We're bringing Pillow home!!! After a long 4 months. It's against all odds (grandma and great grandma nagging), but Mummy's gonna overcome them to bring him home. This was and this is his home, he grew up here. Wonder how's life gonna be for the foursome living under one roof... I'll update you soon.

And classes began for Mummy this week, she's gonna get busy. Above that, she has cancelled the meal delivery order as they tasted bland, and not many caterers deliver to our area. For now, she'll have to include 'kitchen time' into her daily schedule. On good days, I can stay silent while she cooks, on bad days, I'll scream and cry for her attention, and that's when she has to put down her kitchen chores to entertain me. Just like yesterday, she tried making dinner, but I was of much disturbance to her. Still, she managed to whip up a simple meal and rushed to school.

Alrighty... real excited about Pillow's arrival tonight. Neighbours kept asking when is 'Kor Kor' coming back. Yes, he's a boy... 

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