Tuesday 11 August 2009

Living with Pillow

The long weekend ended and the short work week began. Daddy's back to work, Mummy's home now looking after 2 kiddos, a furry pal and me. Life with pillow these days has been easy, not much chaos because pillow had always been well behaved. Probably a little more troublesome for mummy, she has to mop the floor more frequent than before, and she just did it. Pillow sheds lots of fur and so it's a routine to brush him daily. Daddy walks him in the morning and mummy walks him in the evening. It's good exercise for all. When I can walk, I'll walk pillow too!

Pillow is a timid pal, he's easily frightened by loud noises or strange stuff. He has never come so close to a baby before, and when I cry, he'll start backing off (Probably wondering why I'm loud even though I'm smaller than him). And when he barks, I'll laugh. Pillow barks when he hears someone at the door, but mummy will scold him off. Few times, he frightened us with his sudden barks.

I love Pillow and Pillow loves me...

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