Thursday, 20 August 2009

Mahjong's back

The last touch Mummy and Daddy had of mahjong was when I was still in Mummy's womb. Ever since then, mahjong was off their mind till last night. Jiu jiu and his girlfriend made up the players. They had been bunking with us early this week, and next week grandma and grandpa will join. What a crowd! Yes, the house is gonna be overly occupied, their new home isn't ready and they sold their current home too hurriedly. Back to the good old days when mummy can keep chatting with Grandpa and Grandma nightly.

Back to the game... Mummy called for a practice session last night because neighbours are gathering a game next Saturday. Haha. The practice session could only begin after I sleep, which was a late 11p.m. I disrupted the game once and mummy had to pause to comfort me back to sleep, it didn't take long though. After that, I was quietly dreaming. You couldn't believe it, the shuffling of the tiles and their occasional loud excitements didn't wake my sleep. Amazing! In fact, each time Mummy shuffles the tiles, she's crossing her fingers that it wasn't too loud. Thank God all was well.

Maybe silent mahjong with silent tiles would be baby friendly, but where's the kick? Haha. So mahjong can exist with parenthood. Mummy thought Mahjong would be ruled out for years upon my arrival, doesn't seem impossible after all. Some things are still acheivable even with an added commitment, it's probably more arrangements and inconvenience. But always a will, always a way. So what's next? Hmm...

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