Thursday, 27 August 2009

My Grandma's birthday!

Busy Busy Busy... not me, but my mummy! Grandpa, Grandma and small jiu jiu have shifted in with us. Mummy was busy arranging more space for them bunk in. There seems to be some overcrowding effect, but it's just so fun living with them. Mummy will bring me to greet everyone in the morning before bath time, but in the night, most of them come home after I sleep, no chance to say 'night night' to them.

Mummy's housework has lighten too, because Grandma will help keep the place neat and clean, mother's instinct I guess. Just this tues, we celebrated Grandma's birthday at Shangri la, using 'flash your age' promotion. She's 55, so we got 55% off the total bill. The lunch was not as fabulous as dinner, so thumbs down. Anyway, we had a great time of food, I had my milk there and slept sound so that everyone can have undisturbed meal. I've been good!

A big family staying together is fun, Mummy likes it because it means more people handling me when I'm cranky. 

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