Sunday, 2 August 2009

My saturday

Once upon a time, there were 3 little pigs, Daddy pig, Mummy pig and Baby pig. They had a long and fruitful Saturday day out, so tiring that they fell into deep sleep that night till 11am the next day! Not forgetting, we were the morning people even on Sundays. I was so exhausted that I forgot about my night feed, waking up only at 7.30am for a drink and fell back to dream again. That was a long good 8 hours of sleep since my last drink at 11.30pm before bedtime. Mummy feels so thankful, though it could just be for that night.

Yes, we had a long Saturday out. It began with my trip to the paediatrics's clinic for my 4th jab, which amazingly, I didn't cry. Then, we proceeded to ION at orchard for a good 4hrs of lunch and shopping!

When we arrived, it was milk time, adding on to the list of breastfeeding places, ION does have a number of nursing rooms, at B3, B1, L3 and L4. It was a long wait and search for a vacant room though, and the lifts were always packed! Poor us, have to escalator up and down with pram for a vacant room. And the room was simply set up with only one chair for one nursing mum, so mummies can't share the room.

After shopping, was Great Grandma's birthday celebration at her house, followed by dinner. A really long day huh. This explains why I got cranky during the dinner, specially when Grandma carried me away for walk, I started to cry so loud that heads turned at us. What a commotion, yet this drew a conclusion that I probably fear unfamiliar faces and cry when dad and mum are not in sight. A new challenge for them...

Great Grandma and me  

Ok, that's my Saturday adventure for now... back to staying prudent about the flu pandemic. Home bounding more often.

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