Tuesday, 18 August 2009

TV and me

Some time ago, Daddy bought me this DVD, it's the part 2 of Baby bright's series. I'll watch it every morning after shower, and I love it. Along the many years, there have been an explosion in baby videos and programs, like 'Hi-5' and 'Barney'? So is TV good for children? Mummy stands on the fence, it's neither harmful nor healthy, moderation is good. Maybe just 20-30mins a day.

Watching TV helps mummy much by keeping me occupied and mostly silent. This is when mummy will hurry through her laundry or whip up a dinner.

Sometimes learning may not just come from parents, books or teachers. Choosing an age-appropriate programme can help stimulate learning too. My show has many colours, pictures, songs and objects that can aid my learning process. Sometimes the songs they play are familiar, I think my mummy sings them for me too.

And best part about good baby shows are the slow moving images. Not over straining those little eyes of mine.

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