Monday, 3 August 2009


Doctor said that I'm under average by 500g. He recommends mummy to start me on rice cereal, but she felt that I wasn't too ready yet. A search on the World Health Organisation's website suggests babies on total breastfeeding to begin solids only after month 6, I'm only at month 4. I think doctor doesn't know me best after all.

Here's a mini checklist to gauge my readiness:
  • Ability to sit up unassisted - NO
  • Staring at you when you eat - NO
  • Frequently waking up in the night - Once
  • Demanding for more after a full milk feed - NO
Sometimes if any of the last 2 points happens, it may be confused with growing spurt too, which can occur between 3 to 4 months.

In any case, Mummy decides to only introduce solid foods when I've reached 6 months. I need to be able to at least sit upright first. Moreover, she doesn't want to interrupt her current total breastfeeding plan with other food. Starting after 6 months also helps to reduce the risk of food allergy. I hope mummy isn't on the wrong track. I'm still enjoying the bond when she breastfeeds me.

Quoted from WHO "Breastmilk promotes sensory and cognitive development, and protects the infant against infectious and chronic diseases. Exclusive breastfeeding reduces infant mortality due to common childhood illnesses such as diarrhoea or pneumonia, and helps for a quicker recovery during illness." Mummy is planning to stop after 6 months though. Shall see how it goes.

And Daddy joked that my slow weight gain was because I'm on diet. But no, I wasn't... I love milking! I'm just drinking lesser when I'm cranky. But vertically, I'm 'longish', does that give me a perfect figure when I grow up? 


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