Wednesday 26 August 2009

Where's the resemblance?

My face is changing almost everyday. Dad and Mum would constantly be arguing about who I resemble more. They posted this photo on facebook and there were almost equal votes for Dad and Mum. A conclusion was hard to derive, because I have a combination of their features on me. Moreover, Dad and Mum are always complimented by friends and even strangers that they have '夫妻脸', not sure how you would say that in English. In simple terms, they look compatibly alike. So, nothing to argue about... we all look like a family. Mummy recalled, once they shared a table with an uncle at a hawker, he commented that they have '夫妻脸', Mum was taken aback and thought he sounded like a prophet.

Mummy on left and Daddy on right

Well, whoever I look like doesn't matter, I'm their fruit and which parents aren't proud of their child? Mum and Dad can't stop praising how adorable and pretty I am. They know I'm gonna be a real beauty when I grow up. Not to deny, the cutest moments are usually during my sleep time, it's this long paused position that they'll admire and admire. Dad will tell Mum, "She's so small, so cute!" and before I arrived, Dad always tell Mum, "small small, cute cute." Mum's no more the cutie in Dad's eyes now... it's me! Anyway, babies are real fun to play and laugh at, their movements are so so so adorable! 


  1. ermm.. looks more like right hand side. LOL

  2. chubby babies ~* Baby KC + Baby ET = Baby Jazzelle


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